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31 Days of Pink

31-Days-of-Pink-Day-2-Illamasqua-Collide-nail-polish-swatches-and-review-Today’s review features the Illamasqua Collide nail polish. This colour launched a few years ago and originally caught my attention because of how bold and bright it looked in the bottle. Unfortunately since then, I hadn’t found a great opportunity to wear this bright hue. However being such a standout colour, it certainly deserves a place in this month’s feature post.


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31-Days-of-Pink-Day-1-Zoya-Dana-nail-polish-swatches-and-review-To celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness month, I will be reviewing a pink nail polish for every day in October. Every year 12,000 women and 80 men die of breast cancer and every year almost 50,000 women and 400 men are diagnosed with the disease. To show their support, a number of nail brands are making donations to their nominated charity with sales of their BCA nail products. The proceeds will go towards vital research for earlier detection, better treatments, improving quality of life and ultimately saving lives by finding a cure.

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