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Olympia-Beauty-2013-showEvery September, I always look forward to the Olympia Beauty show. This year I almost missed both days due to work commitments but after a couple of late nighters and last minute planning, I was able to make the show this year too. These events always make me feel like ‘a kid in a candy store’ but I was going to do my best to not overspend. It’s always great to have hope…


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Hand Jobsthe first exhibition of its kind, will feature nail tips and rings resulting from collaborations between sixteen emerging artists.
Participating Nail Artists: Astrowifey, Britney Tokyo, Haus of Lacquer, The Illustrated Nail, Fleury Rose, Nail Jerks, Nail Swag, and NancyMc.
Participating Jewelers include: Angie Crabtree, Dha Mee Hahn, Jane Herro, Laura Jaklitsch, Whittney Klann, Leah Meleski, Yuri Tozuka, Elizabeth Woll.

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#MANIMONDAY 21/05/15

Nails Inc Ladbroke Road