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Ciate-2015-Nail-Treatments-collectionThis Spring, Ciate launched a myriad of new nail treatments. It is always a great feeling to try the hottest colours for the newest season. However if your nails aren’t in good shape or condition, this will be more noticeable than the colour itself.









To achieve and maintain healthy, strong nails we can use nail treatments which have been designed specifically to treat a multitude of nail issues.








Ciate Spring 2015 Nail Treatments

Limited Edition | 10 x 13.5ml /0.47 fl oz bottles


    • Nail Goddess | NEW
      Upgrade nails to goddess status, using this daily nail serum with hydrating Pro Vitamin B5 and conditioning Marula Oil for an on the go nail hero. With 5% D Panthenol to penetrate nails and cuticles deeply, rehydrating them and improving flexibility to minimize breakages. An innovative Acrylic Polymer allows delivery of a high concentration of ultra moisturising active ingredients.

    • Speed Coat | NEW
      No manicure is complete without a slick of Speed Coat, formulated to protect the nail, lock in your colour and create a silky soft, long-wearing finish. A must have for all nail polish lovers.

    • Nail Super Hero | NEW
      Weak, bendy nails that peel and break? This Super Strength base coat helps to promote nail growth, strengthen and hydrate – taking nails from knackered to nurtured.

    • Underwear | NEW
      Our luxurious Underwear base coat is specially formulated to grip nail colour, creating the perfect foundation to enhance your manicure.

    • Bloom Boost | NEW
      Illuminate and brighten nails with this hint-of-rose-tint treatment which brightens your natural nail colour and whitens nail tips leaving nails revitalised and healthy-looking!

    • Nail Gym | NEW
      A Personal Trainer for your mani, use this intensive treatment developed with Advanced Oxygen Technology and patented Hexanal for strong, toned and healthy looking nails.

    • Status Grow | NEW
      This daily treatment is packed with multivitamin Keratin activator to boost growth and strengthen your mani. It also contains patented Hexanal which is clinically proven to significantly strengthen and improve nail condition, Marula Oil which nourishes and smoothes and a UV filter to prevent yellowing.

    • Knight In Shining Armour | NEW
      A breakthrough in beauty sleep! This overnight nail mask is a mani saviour – its unique wash off formulation requires no polish remover, wake up and wash away to reveal restored, revitalised nails.

    • Base Balance| NEW
      A must-have prep for the perfect paint job – sweep Base Balance across nails before your base coat for a purifying, PH balancing, cleansing treatment.

    • Mattnificent | NEW
      MATTNIFICENT is our fast drying matte top coat for nail experimentalists everywhere. Switch your polish from high shine to velvety matte in the stroke of a brush, with this transformational top coat.









Ciate Spring 2015 Nail Treatment Pens

Limited Edition | 3 x 4ml /0.13 fl oz bottles


    • Nail Quench | NEW
      Nail Quench not only works as a vitamin, collagen and bamboo extract packed nurturing nail treatment but also as a base coat to give nails a glossy boost, for hydrated and healthy-looking nails. The multi vitamin compound strengthens and fortifies nails, while Vitamin E nourishes, prevents dehydration and increases elasticity.

    • Beautiful Cuticles | NEW
      If your nails need a little ‘Me Time’ – treat them to an instant dose of Marula Oil and Vitamin E for hydrated healthy-looking cuticles in an instant.

    • Perfect Paint Job | NEW
      Make messy nail application a thing of the past with the Perfect Paint Job nail polish corrector pen for manicure perfection. The Acetone Free formulation makes it gentle to skin, sweep over skin surrounding nail to clean away polish. Comes complete with three replacement tips.




The Ciate Spring 2015 nail treatments can be purchased online at Ciate and Sephora.

The RRP is £12 GBP | $12 USD each.












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