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Dior-Mystic-Metallics-Fall-2013-collectionThe Dior Mystic Metallics collection was inspired by Mr Dior himself and his belief in chance. “Chance always steps in to help people who truly desire something”, he wrote in his memoirs. One evening in 1946 whilst contemplating the future of his career in fashion, he stumbled upon a metallic star and inspired him to create his house of couture the next day.







Dior’s new manicure brings an element of surprise: beneath the magnet’s power of attraction, a tenebrous blue enriched with metallic particles magically comes alive to reveal an edgy and sophisticated design.



 Dior Mystic Metallics Fall 2013 Collection

  • Destin (382)
    This is a metallic taupe hue.

  • Galaxie (992)
    This is a metallic plum hue.

  • Mystic Magnetic (802)
    This is a slate blue hue.


Availability: Dior Mystic Metallics Fall 2013 collection is available to purchase now at Dior counters.
Price: £20.50 GBP | $26 USD each



Source: Dior

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