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Essie Winter 2012 CollectionEssie Leading Lady collection has finally been launched in the UK. With colours that reflect the richness and intensity seen in typical winter palettes, Essie has created a completely unique collection for the holiday season. Comprised of 6 bold and insanely pigmented shades, these are certain to brighten your seasonal celebrations.




Leading Lady is a collection created to celebrate the modern woman. Fierce, fabulous and feminine – this collection reflects a modern woman who Essie Weingarten, the Founder and Creative Director, describes as not being one to mince words and most certainly not mince colour. A modern woman who aspires to be treated like royalty and it is that feeling that inspired the kitsch names of each bottle. This collection features  a vibrant range of hues from a regal blue, a sparkling ruby red to a shimmering metallic gold and a fresh mint. Essie describes the collection as:


Essie’s Winter Collection is all about the guts, glory and glamour that drives the modern woman. There’s no better way to make a statement this winter than with colour. Bright hues add punch, panache and tell the world you’re a force to be reckoned with. I just love the elegant simplicity of a saturated, vibrant look. It’s one part Queen Elizabeth l, two parts Duchess of Cambridge. They don’t mince words and never mince color. There’s no arguing with regal color, it’s just divinely right.


Essie Leading Lady Collection



A leading lady is always dressed to thrill, and the new collection from essie helps you dress to impress with singular, strident and striking colour. You’ll feel snap happy and just like the leading lady you are, feeling beyond cozy despite the winter weather. Your sense of glamorous entitlement will have you asking where’s my chauffeur, bring my butler please; who will all be making sure that she’s pampered.


The collection isn’t widely available in the UK as yet but you can order it online at Beauty Bay for £8.50 each.



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