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OPI-Infinite-Shine-2014-Collection-The OPI Infinite Shine 2014 collection is a new gel effects lacquer system featuring 30 fab new colours from the nail giant.









OPI, the leader in nail color innovation, introduces INFINITE SHINE Gel Effects Lacquer System – a nail lacquer system that produces the rich color, intense shine, and lasting wear of gels, without the need for LED light curing or removal by soaking. Thirty beautiful shades in colors that only OPI can deliver in a classic, sophisticated crème finish that applies like a lacquer, removes like a lacquer, and shines until you take it off. 3-step system ensures this with a primer that prevents staining and has real sticking power. 30 Shades featuring time-released pigments that keep color rich. Gloss top coat that creates dimensional shine – all creating the perfect environment for lasting, high-shine, on-trend, fashion-forward nail color.







OPI Infinite Shine 2014 Collection

Permanent | 32 x 15ml /0.5 fl oz bottles


    • Relentless Ruby | NEW
      This is a ruby red crème.

    • Unequivocally Crimson | NEW
      This is a crimson red crème.

    • Unrepentantly Red | NEW
      This is a candy red crème.

    • No Stopping Me Now | NEW
      This is a bold reddy-orange crème.

    • Endurance Race to the Finish | NEW
      This is a coral crème.

    • To the Finish Lime! | NEW
      This is a lime green crème.

    • Withstands the Test of Thyme | NEW
      This is an aqua crème.

    • To Infinity & Blue-yond | NEW
      This is a baby blue crème.

    • Indignantly Indigo | NEW
      This is an indigo crème.

    • Get Ryd-of-thym Blues | NEW
      This is a royal blue crème.

    • Grapely Admired | NEW
      This is an orchid purple crème.

    • In Pursuit of Purple | NEW
      This is a lilac crème.

    • Raisin’ the Bar | NEW
      This is a rich raisin crème.

    • Can’t Be Beet! | NEW
      This is a bright plum crème.

    • Running With the In-finite Crowd | NEW
      This is a hot pink crème.

    • From Here to Eternity | NEW
      This is a bright pink crème.

    • She Went On and On and On | NEW
      This is a bubble-gum pink crème.

    • Girls Without Limits | NEW
      This is a barbie pink crème..

    • Pretty Pink Perseveres | NEW
      This is a baby pink crème.

    • Brains & Bronze | NEW
      This is a camel crème.

    • Never Give Up! | NEW
      This is a dark chocolate crème.

    • Set in Stone | NEW
      This is a grey crème.

    • Staying Neutral | NEW
      This is a taupe crème.

    • It Never Ends | NEW
      This is a warm taupe crème.

    • You Can Count on It | NEW
      This is a pinky nude crème.

    • Tanacious Spirit | NEW
      This is a tan crème.

    • Maintaining My Sand-ity | NEW
      This is a sandy nude crème.

    • We’re In the Black | NEW
      This is a jet black crème.

    • Strong Coal-ition | NEW
      This is a coal grey crème.

    • Steel Waters Run Deep | NEW
      This is a steel grey crème.

    • Primer Base Coat | NEW
      This is the primer to be applied under each polish shade.

    • Gloss Top Coat | NEW
      This is the top coat to be applied over each polish shade.






The OPI Infinite Shine 2014 collection will launch this Winter.

Prices TBC.












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