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Orly-Epix-Flexible-ColorThe Orly Epix Flexible Color is a new 2-step system that is self-levelling and easily bends with your nails to decrease chipping and create a long lasting manicure.






Not content with simply developing next generation formulations, ORLY has now gone one step further.

Launching this May, ORLY EPIX will change the way customers think about manicures forever. Lasts twice as long as a polish, to give durable vibrant colour without the need for a lamp – cutting down treatment time dramatically. Containing a unique smudge-fixing technology, say goodbye to those smudges and dents and hello to an unrivaled gel-like shine.



How to apply:
Step 1: Apply two even coats of EPIX Flexible Color.
Step 2: Finish with one coat of EPIX Flexible Sealcoat to seal in color and shine. Sealcoat will set in less than eight minutes. Smudges will continue to self-repair until the Flexible Color is fully dry.





Orly Epix Flexible Color

Permanent | 36 x 18ml /0.6 fl oz bottles


    • Casablanca | NEW
      This is a deep red crème polish.

    • Iconic | NEW
      This is a rich burgundy crème polish.

    • Acceptance Speech | NEW
      This is a metallic red polish.

    • Opening Night | NEW
      This is a sultry true red metallic polish.

    • Star Treatment | NEW
      This is a ruby red metallic polish.

    • Box Office Smash | NEW
      This is a scarlet red crème polish.

    • Nominee | NEW
      This is a medium red crème polish.

    • Improv | NEW
      This is a bright red metallic polish.

    • Premiere Party | NEW
      This is a pillar box red crème polish.

    • Spoiler Alert | NEW
      This is a bright red crème polish.

    • Preview | NEW
      This is a fiery red crème polish.

    • Call My Agent | NEW
      This is a tangerine orange crème polish.

    • Casting Couch | NEW
      This is a peach crème polish.

    • Special Effects | NEW
      This is a yellow gold metallic polish.

    • Tinseltown | NEW
      This is a icy gold metallic polish.

    • Cameo | NEW
      This is a turquoise crème polish.

    • Green Screen | NEW
      This is an aqua metallic polish.

    • Cliffhanger | NEW
      This is a bright blue metallic polish.

    • Melodrama | NEW
      This is a royal blue metallic polish.

    • Cinematic | NEW
      This is a regal purple crème polish.

    • Subtitled | NEW
      This is a metallic purple polish.

    • Such A Critic | NEW
      This is a bright orchid crème polish.

    • End Scene | NEW
      This is a fuchsia crème polish.

    • Intermission | NEW
      This is a berry crème polish.

    • The Industry | NEW
      This is a magenta crème polish.

    • Leading Lady | NEW
      This is a metallic burgundy polish.

    • Out-Take | NEW
      This is a hot pink crème polish.

    • Triple Threat | NEW
      This is a bubble gum pink crème polish.

    • Headliner | NEW
      This is a coral/pink crème polish.

    • Know Your Angle | NEW
      This is a coral toned red crème polish.

    • Backlit | NEW
      This is a metallic fuchsia polish.

    • Hollywood Ending | NEW
      This is an off-white crème polish.

    • Close Up | NEW
      This is a oyster pink crème polish.

    • Overexposed | NEW
      This is a white crème polish.

    • Silver Screen | NEW
      This is a metallic silver polish.

    • The Blacklist | NEW
      This is a black crème polish.

    • Flexible Sealcoat | NEW
      This is a glossy topcoat polish.




The Orly Epix Flexible Color nail lacquers will be available to purchase online at Grafton Beauty and CVS from May 2015.

The RRP is TBC.














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