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31-Days-Of-Pink-Day-23-Strawberry-Margarita-nail-polish-swatch-reviewAt the beginning of my ‘nail polish fanatic journey’, the OPI Strawberry Margarita nail polish was my very first OPI purchase. I saw swatches online and was completely in love with it before I even received the bottle. Once I saw how great it looked on my nails and how long it lasted without chipping, well the rest was history!


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31-Days-Of-Pink-Day-22-Leighton-Denny-So-LA-nail-polish-swatch-reviewI’ve been working hard on growing my Leighton Denny nail polish collection since I fell head over heels for his amazing formulas and colour range. The Leighton Denny So LA nail polish is fairly new to my collection and I don’t need to hesitate any longer to swatch it.


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#MANIMONDAY 21/05/15

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