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Leighton-Denny-Riviera-Spring-Summer-2013-swatch-and review-Tomorrow sees the launch of the new Leighton Denny Riviera Spring Summer 2013 collection. I managed to get my hands on five of the six colours to review. After falling in love with the promo images of the collection, I wanted to see how gorgeous the colours looked in person.





This season say bonjour to a summer of effortless glamour and sophistication with the Leighton Denny ‘Limited Edition’ Spring/Summer 2013 Riviera Collection. This elegant and timeless collection of six high performance colours will give you every excuse to unleash your inner Brigitte Bardot.


Leighton Denny Riviera Spring Summer 2013 Review

Leighton-Denny-Riviera-Mines-A-Rose-Spring-Summer-2013-swatch-and review

Mine’s A Rosé is a gorgeous pinky- peach hue. The pink undertones really complimented my skin.  The formula went on rather smoothly and with two coats I had full coverage. The gloss of the creme finish on its own was impressive but I added a top coat to add extra shine.



Leighton-Denny-Riviera-Yes-We-Cannes-Spring-Summer-2013-swatch-and review

Yes We Cannes is a muted celadon creme hue packed with an almost imperceptible soft shimmer.  The first coat was a bit streaky (common with pastel shades) but with a second thick coat,  that issue was resolved and I had an opaque smooth and shiny finish.



Leighton-Denny-Riviera-Get-Your-Cote-Spring-Summer-2013-swatch-and review

Get Your Côte is as vibrant as it looks on the bottle.  A rich, bright cornflower blue creme with a medium thick formula, this polish only took one coat to create the most luscious full coverage. I added a second coat and the polish just flowed on my nails leaving a great glossy finish.



Leighton-Denny-Riviera-Im-So-Soiree-Spring-Summer-2013-swatch-and review

I’m So Soiree is a perfect deep dark teal. The easiest out of the collection to apply, this self-leveling polish left the most insane mirror like shine on my nails. With no issues with brush strokes or patchiness, the formula was smooth and completely saturated with colour.



Leighton-Denny-Pink-Promenade-Riviera-Spring-Summer-2013-swatch-and review

Pink Promenade is somewhere between a pink and a pale violet, speckled with delicate shimmers. The first coat applied somewhat translucently, but it flowed perfectly across my nails and leveled off evenly.  Adding a second coat gave me decent coverage however it was still not as opaque as I would prefer so I opted for a third coat. This is a simply stunning colour.




I was beyond excited when I first heard of this collection last month and even more excited when I bought them. The sixth colour in the collection (Meet Me In Monaco) was unavailable and I was slightly disappointed as it looks like a bright orange which I would have loved but I will definitely be buying it when the collection launches tomorrow. Nevertheless, the other colours in this collection did not disappoint and  I will certainly be wearing these amazing spring/summer hues on my fingers and toes. The colours and ridiculously glossy and I think with this being a SS13 collection, you have a even mix of colours you can wear in Spring and the brighter options can be saved for Summer.


Availability: Launches March 1 on Leighton Denny and will follow with varied releases at Marks and Spencer, Urban Retreat and other select beauty supply stockists.

Price: £11 GBP/12ml


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